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Someone like you, in your corner, cheering you on, answering your questions, 
and guiding you through one of the most emotional battles in life...

Social Media

Hello. My name is Estee & I'm addicted to FaceBook! Hi! Nice to meet you.

Through at home workouts, lifting heavy at the gym, HIIT, and clean eating, I will show you my progress step by step!

Meme's & Tweets & Follows, Oh My! 

Meme's & Workouts & Recipes, Oh My!

All things YouTube Fitness related

Fitness .gifs, recipes, photos, memes...

Tracking Tools

Using MyFitnessPal for April 2012 & forward. My 100lb weight loss history of food & weight changes are on SparkPeople.

My 100lb weight loss history of food & weight changes

Where I tracked my reps and amount of weights for ChaLEAN Extreme

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