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SammyDress ​REVIEW


I made my first purchase in November 2015. I am OBSESSED with SammyDress. Loooove their stuff. I've purchased items as low as $4! The most I've ever spent is probably $20 on one single item.

For the items I want, I check out the PICTORIAL reviews to see what the item looks like on people. If it's cute enough, & have no reviews, sometimes I'll chance it an d haven't had much of an issue ^_^. ALWAYS check the measurements! It's provided for EACH garment because EACH is different. Just be sure to check the measurements & the reviews. For example, a sweater I purchase from them, based on measurements was a size 2X, when I normally wear a Medium/Large.

You'll notice though that shipping starts adding up quickly. I believe the only items that ship for free are accessories like hats, jewelry, etc. If you do the math though, you're still paying a super low price, so I try to buy as much as possible at one time to make up for the shipping cost! They're not one of those website where you buy 1 or 2 things. It'd be a waste of money. If u buy 5-10 things, then shipping would equate to like $2 an item or something like that.

From purchase to my door can take from 1 week for the most part, but has taken up to a month for others. I never buy for a "specific event", so I'm never in a "rush" for things to arrive. I always get my stuff though! Of the TONS of stuff I've bought from them, I've probably only had 1 or 2 issues. They then quickly try to resolve my issue or gave me my money back.

In 2016 I was honored to be one of the first people to be featured on their website! They asked to use my photos as the actual display pic for one of the outfits I purchased. Of course, I said yes, & they credited my account with a bunch of goodies. The "showcase" feature is now available for pretty much anyone now & a great way to show off your fit!

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