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My Weight Loss Story


Home Workouts

I lost 50lbs doing home workouts and cutting my food portions. I then hit a plateau. I found and Turbo Jam. I love to dance, so that was the best workout program for me to lose weight. 

I started Turbo Jam on January 20th, 2007, secured her full collection of Turbo Jam workouts and lost 30 pounds in 5 months . I LOVE them all and kept them as a staple in my daily workouts

After hitting another plateau, I thought it was time to "switch it up again". I heard that Chalene Johnson was coming out with a new workout series somewhat like P90X. I figured it was time for me to tone and hoped my final residual weight would go with my muscle toning.

In my first month on ChaLEAN Extreme I lost 13.4lbs and 8.25 inches all over.By July 2009, I lost 22.6lbs with ChaLEAN Extreme & forever changed my love of "lifting heavy".

Gone but never forgotten...

In September 2009 my Mother passed away. I became the caregiver of my Father with Alzheimers. In January 2012 my Father passed away. I gained 55lbs back of the 100 I lost. 

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