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I love my LOCS 

My Loc Journey

2017's Blonde Hair

To dye my whole head, I used Bellatory's How to Bleach Your Hair Blonde—The Step-by-Step Guide. I didn't have purple shampoo at the time, so I skipped that step. I also only bleached once... Wish I did it twice like they suggested. So basically, I'm saying, DO WHAT THEY SAID LOL!  It still came out really nice! Their root touch up method is here.

My at home Goldilocs Hair:

Quick Blue Bleach - by L'Oreal - via Sally Beauty Supply

30 VOLUME CREME DEVELOPER - by L'Oreal - via Sally Beauty Supply

Wella Toner - (2) T27 - via Sally Beauty Supply

Wella Haircolor - 9NG & 7NW - via Sally Beauty Supply

Fanola No Yellow Shampoo & Nutri Care Conditioner (Purple Shampoo) - via Amazon

2017's Extensions

I was dying for some length again, so I decided to look into extensions again. I planned to treat myself & get them professionally done... but after some scheduling issues, I decided to google & find out the latest way people were doing loc extensions these days! 

I found INSTA-LOCS!!! Glory HALLELUJAH! What an amazing idea! Insta locs are handcrafted handmade locs made with human afro-kinky hair & a crochet needle. Like.. what?! LOL! 

  1. You can create your own! It takes time & dedication, but ​Jennifer Tulley ( themukisa11 ) has an amazing tutorial on it. [ Instant (permanent) loc extensions using a crochet hook!!! ] 
  2. You can purchase them, like I did. I purchased mine from LegacyLocs on Etsy (store currently closed 9/2017) but she has her own website now that you can purchase from
Holy crap! My LegacyLocs extensions are amazing! What an amazing job she did fulfilling my special request of a color blend of honey brown with blonde! These locs are so soft, feel amazing and smell amazing too! AMAZING JOB WELL DONE.

I first purchased a "tester" order of: Qty 10 locs (1 bundle) of medium width 5" length locs

When I fell in love with my test set, I ordered:

Qty 10: x-small width / 5" length
Qty 60: small width / 5" length
Qty 20: medium width / 5" length
Qty 10: small width / 10" length

They came out SO amazingly! The hugest issue with my 2011 extensions was the method of hand wrapping the kinky hair to the bottom of my loc. Attaching already formed locs made this SUCH an easier situation. I was even able to dye & wash my hair shortly after installing the locs. It's not recommended ;) but I was able to do it without messing up the connection of my loc to the LegacyLoc. I believe it's because you're WEAVING the extension into your loc with the super small crochet needle. 

Attaching extensions to mature locs is a different process than just adding locs to straight/natural hair.


The method I used was by ​Jennifer Tulley ( themukisa11 ) 

[ How to add extensions to mature locs ]

Loc Extensions:
Latch hook - from A.C. Moore 
size 6 / 1mm crochet needle - from A.C. Moore 
90 - 100 Instant locs

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